Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum 2019

Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum (IIIF) is an annual event which provides opportunities for investors to get in-depth information about infrastructure projects and plans from our Ministerial Level, Senior Government Officials and CEOs of Indonesian State Owned Enterprises on Indonesia’s infrastructure plans.

The participants will also benefit from the opportunity to listen from UK experts and existing players on their outlook for Indonesia and how Indonesia developed their presence in ASEAN’s powerhouse economy. 


  • Project Workshops enables participants to have further consultation about investment opportunities in Indonesia;
  • One-to-One Meeting with a representative of the Government and project owners;
  • Interactive Panels Sessions featuring Indonesian Senior Government Officials and CEOs of State Owned Enterprises;
  • Remarkable Indonesia Showcases present sectoral and regional investment opportunities.

Why Invest in Indonesia?

Infrastructure Sector:

The Indonesian government is highlighting infrastructure as its prime focus and setting the target that is deemed as the most ambitious in the history of the Indonesian Government.

Under the Global Competitiveness Index 4.0 (2018) by World Economic Forum (WEF), Indonesia is sitting in rank 45th from 140 countries – improved two levels from the previous year. This rank, however, is still below Singapore (2nd), Malaysia (25th), and Thailand (38th). Indonesia benefits from the very large size of its market (8th), a quite vibrant entrepreneurial culture (24th) and overall business dynamism (30th). Nevertheless, the infrastructure element is still left quite low (71st) even though its score has increased from last year.

Tourism Sector:

According to the Minister of Tourism, foreign tourist visit to Indonesia has been growing rapidly in recent years. It reaches its highest in 2017 that the growth achieved 22%, while ASEAN and the world reached 7% and 6.4%, respectively. 

The Tourism sector in Indonesia has contributed to USD 15.20 billion in 2017 and predicted to increase to USD 17 billion in 2018 and USD 20 billion in 2019. Looking at the immense trend, the government also makes tourism as its priority sector, together with infrastructure. Government tries to boost the potential by developing destinations across the country, which is famous for 10 New Bali’s Program – aspired to follow the success of Bali which has gained global acknowledgement.

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